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Naomi August
DM Star

AONN Feat. Naomi August - STRANGERS


“Strangers” is a cinematic synth-pop song that touches on themes of emotional detachment, self-medication, and feelings of disconnection from friends. The lyrics suggest a longing for connection and the difficulty in finding solace in a world that feels damaged. The line “I’ve been popping pills and chillin’ until / I’m in the deep end” implies a desire to escape reality and numb oneself from emotional pain. The chorus emphasizes the feeling of estrangement from friends, as they are described as acting strangely and being like strangers.

The verse mentioning dreams being bittersweet and not wanting to wake up suggests a reluctance to face reality and a possible disillusionment with the concept of destiny. The line about going to war and crashing down from the high raises the question of whether their loved one will still be there for support during difficult times. Through their evocative storytelling and captivating melodies, AONN’s musical prowess shines, leaving listeners with a profound sense of introspection. The song’s powerful chorus emphasizes the feeling of estrangement from friends, capturing the disconnection and alienation that can arise within relationships.

“The goal for the video was to take this pop song and turn it on its head while staying true to my style. When I first heard the track, it instantly gave me visions of a group of teenagers running around with some type of dark secret inspired by Naomi’s lyrics. I wanted it to feel like a cliché music video at first glance but viewers are rewarded as it unfolds.”– Daniel Lawrence Wilson

Producer / Director - @daniellawrencewilson


Director of Photography - Darren Streibig
Gaffer Justin May
AC Skylar Tarkington
Grip Chase Shurtz
Grip Trainee Kurt Politte
Edited By Lexi Hiland & Daniel Lawrence Wilson
Colorist Lutz Forster
Sound Design by Colton Jackson & Tobi BartschP
A Jude Tinsley
Featuring Akkaraj AK, Jemi Smith, Michael Threm, Sarah Oh, Annika Ross
Title by Bone DesignIn association with ContagiousLA

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